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Large Elephant Sculpture
Elephant Sculpture, Large
Large, colourful, handmade elephant sculpture

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Retail Price: $35.00

Product Information

This handmade, hand painted, colourful elephant sculpture is from Raku Pottery in South Africa.

From humble beginnings as a small craft operation, the production of this Raku pottery now employs over 45 people from a small town outside of Capetown in South Africa.

All the pieces are handmade and hand painted before being fired at 950 degrees celsius. They are then placed in smouldering sawdust which blackens the crazes. This process is largely uncontrolled and the slight imperfections that appear in the glaze make each piece unique.

Dimensions: approx. 13cm tall.

Note: Different colour combinations are used during the glazing process to create uniqueness, therefore items ordered may not have the exact same colour combinations as the picture shown.

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